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Calcium Sulphate Six-side Clad Steel Flooring


Product Description

Calcium Sulphate Network Flooring

Name: Calcium sulphate network activity flooring (also called calcium sulphate six-side clad steel flooring)

Specification: 600*600*30

Trademark: "Yihua" brand

1) Main technical parameters: according to national SJ/T36340-2018 standard

Size: 600*600*30mm

Collecting load: ≥3560N (rake ≤2mm)

Uniform load: ≥16000N/M²

Ultimate concentrated load:≥10680N

Surface flatness: ≤0.6mm

Limit deviation of plate thickness: ≤0.3mm

Perpendicularity of adjacent edges: ≤0.3mm

Burning performance:Class A (GB50222-95)

Support axial force: >20KN, load 30KN keep the support intact for 1 minute Appearance galvanized and rustproof, no obvious blemishes on the surface of the metal body. Rods adjustable up and down within 50mm range

Product features

  1、High strength, permanently flat, fireproof and non-combustible class A, no deformation by water immersion.

  2、The front and bottom plate are generally galvanized steel, which protects the core and increases the load-bearing capacity.

  3、Can be easily moved to new premises at any time, fully in line with the economic benefits.