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Calcium Sulphate IGRC Flooring


Product Description

Calcium sulphate GRC movable flooring

Name: Calcium Sulphate Anti-Static Flooring


Trademark:"Abet" brand

1)Main technical parameters:According to the national SJ/T10796-2001 standard

Size: 500*500*25mm

Load:≥3560N (rake ≤2mm, permanent deformation ≤0.25mm)


Uniform load:≥16000N/M²

Ultimate concentrated load: ≥10680N

Surface flatness: ≤0.6mm

Limit deviation of board thickness: ≤0.3mm

Perpendicularity of adjacent edges:≤0.3mm

Flammability: Class A (GB50222-95)

Laminate system resistance: 1*105-1*109Ω

Support axial force: >20KN, load 30KN keep 1 minute support intact as before Appearance galvanized and rust-proof, no obvious blemishes on the surface of the metal body Rods adjustable up and down within 50mm range

Product features

  1、High strength, permanently flat, fireproof and non-combustible grade A, no deformation by water immersion.

  2、The front and bottom plates are generally galvanised steel, which protects the core and increases the load-bearing capacity.

  3、Can be easily moved to new premises at any time, fully in line with the economic benefits.