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Aluminum Alloy Anti-static Flooring


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Aluminium alloy anti-static flooring flooring

Aluminium alloy anti-static flooring is divided into aluminium round hole flooring, aluminium alloy blind plate and aluminium alloy strip hole plate. The floor is made of high quality aluminium ingots moulded at once, the surface can be affixed with HPL anti-static plastic surface or permanent anti-static PVC, beautiful and durable, good conductivity. The aluminium alloy floor plate base is made of aluminium alloy material by melting and casting, mechanical processing, so the size is precise, also will not be deformed by moisture, high mechanical strength, good fire performance. It is suitable for clean and purified plants and places with high anti-static requirements. The aluminium alloy floor board base has a high recycling value and can be reused. Specification:600*600*55,Model:F500#,F800#,F1000#